Hanging In A Void

I suppose I should start by saying that the title of this post in no way reflects anything going on in my life other than that it happens to be the lead track off of the album I am currently listening to, “Not Quite Yours” by Barcelona. Again I fail miserably at keeping this journal up so I really don’t know if anyone actually reads this anymore. I’ll pretend there are some of you still following this and try and write something exciting.

Today I got to take my little buddy Sam to school since his little sister was feeling under-the-weather. Hopefully he had fun riding to work with Stacy and I…even if we’re a little weird. I think I exposed him to his first bit of club music with a little Cazzette and Krewella. Hopefully, his mom doesn’t mind. Sam’s a cool kid and he kind of reminds me of myself at that age. Of course this revelation will probably scare his mother as she knows me quite well. =^.^= He was pretty quiet this morning, so hopefully he had a good time riding with us. I’ll have to have him over to the house to play LEGO again.

As some of you know, I’ve battled my weight for years. On December 31st, 2012, I weighed in at 195.7 lbs…pretty much the highest I have ever been. I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to live like that anymore. I quit drinking pop, started exercising (running, snowshoeing, etc.), and began to try and eat healthier. As of April 2nd, 2013, I am at 172.2 lbs and still (hopefully) dropping. That’s a 23.5 lb drop for those of you keeping score. I’ve also taken about 3″ off of my chest and waist. I feel loads better and it is really helped my mood and outlook on life in general. I’ll continue my work and hopefully be down into the mid-160’s by summer. I still have my vices (can anyone say Chai Chiller?) but I’m managing things much better.

Spring is almost here. The weather is getting warmer. And soon…I will be out and about doing all sorts of fun stuff. Hopefully I can manage to keep you all posted in between adventures.

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Summer has arrived with a true vengeance and the mercury is climbing into the high 90’s today with heat indices in the 105°F range. Perhaps it’s a good thing I am stuck inside at work where the air conditioning works quite well. Anyway, I figured it was time to give you all another update on what’s going on. We recently returned from Brickworld 2012 and it was a fantastic time, as always. Stacy and I both were nominated for a couple of awards, but didn’t bring home any hardware. The competition was pretty tough and it was just really cool to be nominated. We brought our good friend Guy home with us from Brickworld and he spent a couple days at our house. We also managed to get out to the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN, which Stacy has been wanting to do for a couple years now. We’ll see if I can get her to eat the Bacon SPAM we bought. When the temperature isn’t insanely hot, we’re getting out and flying N6929D. So far, we’ve had her out and about a few times including for the EAA Chapter 307 Chicken-Q. Next weekend is the fly-in in Winona and then we will be flying her down to Chicago to attend my cousin Brett’s wedding. July is certainly a busy month for us! We also have the house up for sale right now as we are trying to move over to the Holland AirPark just 10 minutes from where we currently live. If you know anyone who wants a nice house on 5 acres of Wisconsin beauty (with lots of outbuildings)…let us know. I think that pretty much catches us up to now. See you all soon!

An Early Start to Summer

Yesterday was technically the first day of Spring here in the Midwest…though you wouldn’t know it if you stepped outside. In reality, if you were standing outside mid-afternoon you might think it was the middle of June. Our winter has been non-existent this year (probably because Stacy and I bought new snowshoes in early-December) and we’ve leap-frogged Spring right into Summer. Of course, as a pilot, this might not be the worst thing in the world. If the weather continues like this, our local EAA Chapter (#307) will probably have much better luck with our Young Eagles rallies compared to last year. If you remember, in 2011 we spent a lot of weekends fighting cold and rainy weather that often kept us on the ground. Stacy and I are both excited about the 2012 Young Eagles program and I am looking forward to making the move from “Ground Crew” to “Young Eagle Pilot” as soon as N6929D returns from the avionics shop and her annual inspection. Speaking of…N6929D leaves for Anoka this weekend to get some new toys in the panel. We’re upgrading her audio panel to a Bluetooth model and getting the GPS upgraded to WAAS status so that I can shoot LPV approaches once I have my instrument rating…which incidentally I am currently working on. That’s pretty much the skinny for now. Time to finish up some work and go enjoy the nice weather!

Stacy in the News

Just a quick note for today. Stacy was recently quoted in an article on ComputerAndVideoGames.com. The article was an opinion piece by Emma Boynes on how game developers should be looking at females when it comes to game development. Though Stacy doesn’t consider herself a “gamer” by the standard definition, she still does play video games and was able to offer some insight. It’s a really interesting article that has opinions from a number of different females across the spectrum of gaming. Check out the whole article after the jump.

Spring is Coming…I Think.

It’s been a long winter here in Wisconsin and I really think we are all ready to see the sun and feel the warmth of its rays. I know I am. Life in the Sterling household is pretty much business as usual as we start to get ready to transition from our indoor winter hermit status to enjoying all the outdoor fun that Western Wisconsin has to offer. This summer will see many new adventures in N6929D as we travel to various out-of-the-way airports in search of the perfect $100-Hamburger.

It’s also time to pull the bikes down from the rafters and get out and get some exercise. I actually went on the first ride of the season this past Monday night and even got a chance to shoot some video with my new POV Camera from DriftInnovation (I’ll post that on our YouTube channel sometime soon). I can safely say that I have gotten pretty out of shape over the winter. One too many Chai Chillers from Mugby, I guess.

Stacy returns home this evening from her Ohio adventure and I’ll be glad to have her back. It’s never quite the same when she’s not around.

A Quick Note on Updates

It’s been about six months since we have updated anything here but the summer has been pretty busy for us. As usual, we went to Brickworld 2010 in June and had a blast seeing all of our LEGO friends and showing off our Train/Town/Harry Potter layout. Upon returning home we tore down our Hogwarts Castle and are working on a brand new one for 2011. We also have a Space layout in the works and are making some progress on that.

Business travel hasn’t been too bad, but is slated to pick up in the next couple of months. Ahh…another Fall we are going to miss. *sigh* Travel will be fun though as it includes a trip to Europe this year and a visit to The LEGO Group in Billund, DK. Woot!

Finally, we are about to add a new addition to the Sterling family…and no it’s not a child. It’s actually a 1957 Piper Tri-Pacer and we will (hopefully) be bringing it home on September 11th. We’ll be based at 36WI just outside of Holmen, WI and that should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures.

As a final bit of news, we have added some things to our homepage at http://www.smsrallysport.com/. More will be coming in the next couple months including an area dedicated to the Tri-Pacer and Piper Shortwings in general. Keep watching for it.

That’s all for now kids.

P.S. I read the first volume of the “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novel series. Totally kicks ass…go buy it and read it. Very much worth it. L8r Sk8rs…